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    danielle said:
    Merci pour votre superbe travail, c'est magique. Suivi, qualité, rapidité, gentillesse, tout est parfait. Quel professionnalisme ! Magnifique


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    Type and size of files to restore or touch up:


    Supported file formats: Gif, Jpg, Jepg, Pjpeg, Png, X-png.

    Are also supported: Tiff, Tif, Bmp, Zip, Rar, Raw, Psd . For those formats,  the image thumtail will be replaced by a simple logo in the cart.

    If you use JPEG, use low compression rate (compression reduces the quality of the image at each editing/saving)


    To obtain a quality restoration or touch up result, it is a must that the digitization is done the right way.

    At MyPhotoRescue, the digitization of original prints is free of charge, included with all products.

    We'll take a great care of your photos and return them to you after work.   

    If you prefer to do it yourself, please follow these critical guidelines:

    The first critical parameter is the scanning resolution. If it is too small, the processing will produce awfull artefacts. It is too big, the file size will be so high that the manipulation and upload will become un-manageable.

    Optimum resolution is also highly dependant of the physicall size of the original print and of the final print.

    Strange enough, smaller is the original, higher need to be the resolution.

    Also, larger is the final planned print, higher need to be the resolution.

    For photos produced with a digital camera, the resolution is defined in the camera setting prior to take the picture.


    If you do not feel confortable with those words, or simply do not want to digitize yourself your prints, you can simply send them to us.


    Otherwise, here are our recommendations for digitization resolution, based on the size of the original document:


    -Films (negative and positives), photo id, slides: 1800 à 800dpi minimum

    -Old prints, uselly very small, around 4x6cm: 1800 à 600dpi minimum

    -Modern format (9x13cm ou 10x15cm): 600dpi à 300dpi minimum

    -From 12x17cm up to A4: 400 à 300dpi minimum

    -20x30cm, A3 and above: 300 à 200dpi minimum



    -Higher is the scan resolution, higher will be the final quality

    -Higher is the résolution, higher is the file size. The maximum file size for upload is 8Mb.

    -Avoid high JPEG compression rate.

    -Always do a safety backup of your unique images (scanning or shooting) before giving them to a carrier.